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Pathfields Practice Online

Welcome to the Pathfields partnership online community. Pathfields is a Personal Medical Service (PMS) practice operating over three sites in Plympton Health Centre, Laira Surgery and Efford Medical Centre with five partners and two GP associates serving a community of 10,000 patients (and growing!).

Pathfields is committed to a culture of putting our patients first.  As such our commitment, as agreed by all of our practice team, is that:

  • Everyone matters.
  • We want to make you feel welcome.
  • We value your point of view and want to keep you involved.
  • We will take time to listen to you.
  • We will be polite, courteous and respectful.
  • We will keep you informed and explain what is happening.
  • As a practice we will admit to mistakes and do all we can to put them right.

The intention of the team working at Pathfields Practice is to:

Provide a community-oriented health service for all. We value and accept that people are different but equal and will do so without bias or judgement. We aim to be flexible and proactive and responsive to changing (local) needs, and to do this to the best of our abilities and knowledge with respect and care for all involved. We especially endeavour to support the most vulnerable members of our community. We commit ourselves to ongoing improvement and development of our services and our personal skills whilst encouraging and facilitating the same for all our team members and colleagues so that Pathfields will be safe, inspiring environment for all those who come in contact with us.

We fully support clinical commissioning with Dr Gary Lenden being on the Sentinel clinical commissioning board. The partners and practice team are committed to improving the services we offer within the community we serve.

We are a family practice offering a wide range of services. Our clinicians believe in delivering holistic, preventative medicine and in promoting healthy living. Our wider team actively encourages integrated care across the community. We want to keep our patients well instead of waiting until you are ill before we help you. Alongside traditional healthcare services we also offer complimentary therapies such as acupuncture. Other services include family planning,  maternity services, child health and minor surgery. Please see our services and clinics page for more information.

We are a training practice for under graduates as well as post graduate students from the Peninsular medical school and local deanery.

Patient Reference Group

We value our patients helping shape the services we offer. If you would like to be part of this group please either speak to a member of our reception staff or email Claire Davis at Pathfields Practice or call our practice and she will call you. For more information about our practice group please view our patient reference group pages.

Frequently Used Online Services

rpt pres HomeRepeat Prescriptions: Order your repeat prescriptions online. cncl appt HomeCancel Appointment: Let us know if you need to cancel your appointment. cont det HomeUpdate Contact Details: Let us know if your name, address or telephone number has changed.
clin det HomeUpdate Clinical Record: Help us to keep your clinical records up-to-date. prac svy HomePractice Survey: Let us know what you think about the services we provide. com sug HomeComments and Suggestions: Let us know any comments or suggestions you have for us.

For the full range of Online Services available please see the menu at the top of the page.


Pathfields Practice
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